Uswatte Golden Biscuits

The Golden Sign of Excellence

Pack Sizes
125g, 190g, 500g

Uswatte Real Cream Cracker

Jolly good biscuits! There’s freshness in every bite!

Sugar-free, no added artificial flavours and colours or any other enhancers, just nutrition, is packed in our Real Cream Cracker hard dough biscuits, beating diabetes, to thus, suit everyone. Real Cream Cracker biscuits, are made to that delightful pitch of crispiness, nine layers coming together in each bite with the goodness of Vitamins and Minerals. The special kind of flour ingredient is characteristically high in protein. This compact, sustaining food is ideal to rejuvenate the elderly and convalescing too. Tame your appetite with this strong-character nutrition-high, energy-high wheat cracker delight, to invigorate you at home and outdoors as your on-the-go option. So, treat yourself to this hygienically machine packaged in pure white, nutritious snack food and you can be at ease without disease, taking care of your body, the only place you have to live.

Uswatte Marie - go - round

Milky explosion with a crunch!

These dainty and deliciously short eating biscuits taste so good because they are baked to soft crispiness from the choicest golden wheat enriched with natural wheat fiber, milk and the essential Vitamins A, B, D and E. Commended by dieticians as a light vegetarian crisp biscuit low in fat and zero cholesterol, MARIE, is frequently served to children and to infants too dipped in milk for their first solid food. It is used extensively by the elderly as well. Tea time’s rich companion MARIE is baked with love. You can’t just have one. MARIE will love you so much that you’ll find its savour irresistible. As you already know, no-one keeps up with consumer satisfaction better than Uswatte does. We deliver the freshest biscuits locally and internationally, MARIE our exceptional way for you to make friends with our exquisite treat of wheat.

Pack Sizes
75g, 300g
Pack Sizes
100g, 200g

Uswatte Real Lemon Puff

Creamy Elegance with a touch of Lemon!

Come….. Relax…. in Uswatte’s pick-me-up Real Lemon Puff biscuits made to an international recipe, rich and plentiful with more of each ingredient. This very elegant and dominating hard dough biscuit is a sandwich that will captivate your senses, with its delicate softness to touch, and regal visual appeal. Once bitten, you would want more and more of this absolutely dainty creamy Uswatte wonder! There is a puff of lemon in every bite. That smooth portion of lemon goodness is in the middle, with the crispy puff biscuit delights on either side, all joining together and drenching your taste buds with calm, satisfying flavor. Uswatte’s Real Lemon Puff is timeless, an anytime snack that is attractive and fulfilling so much especially to children, that, there is no party time without packs of these delightfully tasting biscuit joys. There isn’t really any home time, anywhere, when any elder would want to resist a puff! Our Real Lemon Puff biscuits have no MSG or any other enhancers, furthermore, no artificial sweeteners added. So, our Real Lemon Puff has found a niche in the market.

Uswatte Chocolate Cream

A real chocolate bliss!

For a good life, have a good bite of Uswatte’s soft dough Chocolate Cream biscuit, with its Cocoa ingredient percentage comparatively higher for choco cream biscuits. Made of premium ingredients with an eye-opening collection of nutrients that draw you into long-term biting relationships, these crunchy outside, creamy inside, Chocolate Cream biscuits, fittingly match any age of social event. Two square shaped chocolate biscuits hugging a dollop of cream between them brings romance into their partnerships with all who are young at heart – yours and ours. Exhibited in lively, in vogue and fun packaging, our Chocolate Cream biscuits are inviting as gifts into homes. Inhale the mere satisfaction of Chocolate Cream biscuits while you snack on them. Pick the two squares apart and have some fun…. Dunk it in milk for a soaking bite. Great for children after sports events or lessons or dessert after meals. Our customers in many countries count on us daily for the health benefits highlighted in our Chocolate Cream biscuits offering a wide range of health values including improved heart and brain health, weight control, healthy teeth and skin, towards positive solutions for age-related mental degeneration and also improving mood and symptoms of depression.

Pack Sizes
100g, 400g
Pack Sizes
100g, 400g

Uswatte Coco Nice

Going coco-nuts with Coco Nice!

It’s a crispy coconut flaky biscuit kissed with sugar crystals on top – what better combination than that! These truly yummy sweet coco- nutty healthy delights with golden crunch are yours to eat again and again for a wholesome lifestyle. Uswatte has attractively styled into this biscuit, that lingering deliciousness for your taste buds, the natural coconut flakes blended into its soft dough, transforming Coco Nice as an entertaining tea-time treat. We thought about your health and nutrition, adding real desiccated coconut, rich in a number of essential nutrients including dietary fiber and selenium, its healthy fat containing no cholesterol -- our all-time health package in Coco-Nice, just for you. Go on, to make your moments nicer, filled with the real nutrients of coconut in Coco Nice, Uswatte's specialty biscuit to enrich your health and well-being. Reach for Coco Nice, don’t think twice!

Uswatte Tasties


Hey Friends, try out our product anywhere, our light, crispy, vanilla and chocolate Uswatte Tasties, machine baked, easy to digest lip-smacking delights. Yesterday has gone, tomorrow hasn’t yet come, so bite into our biscuit happiness today, enjoying yourself in our tastes for your appetite. Come along and stay engrossed with all the natural flavours that produce our unique Tasties. We in Uswatte are committed to quality management which encourages excellence through continuous improvement, just as we keep focused on customer tastes and satisfaction through our fully automated technical capabilities. Tasties will always reflect your demand for excellent taste. Refreshingly sweet and subtly crunchy, we invite your indulgence in our well character-ed tasty textures in our soft dough biscuit portfolio. With a characteristic hole in the middle design this biscuit is a must on any tea-time tray for its especial charm to linger in your mind about Tasties as attractive as Uswatte’s professionalism could create……then of course be tempted to touch this exquisite biscuit and let it continue to charm your waiting taste buds.

Pack Sizes
55g, 240g
Pack Sizes
60g, 260g

Uswatte Milk Shorties


There’s milk in these Uswatte baked biscuits rich in vitamins and minerals for your health and energy. These round golden treats with an attractive design will capture the heart of any child. Made with real milk powder it packs a punch for nutrition and flavor. This wholesome snack biscuit should be a travel companion be it a field trip, school or tea time for tots. For adults it is an anytime biscuit with Calcium for strong teeth and bones. Soft dough delightful Shorties aren’t short in any way of nutritional advantages for those parents who sometimes struggle daily with challenging children who seeking tastier options, away from drinking milk plain, they say, lacks dynamism. All the milk powder benefits are intact in Uswatte’s Shorties manufactured to suit local tastes and international standards. Superior returns even to our young is our promise. Let’s drink to the health benefits of milk for Sri Lanka’s children by giving our tiny tots Milk Shorties perfect options.